Sunday, December 15, 2013


It's Christmas time in the city and I'm loving it.  This place grows more and more beautiful with each passing season, but winter time has by far been the best.  People travel from all over the world just to see the GIANT Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center and all of the incredible window displays on 5th ave.  I can see why.  Did you know that the tree is real?  It is!  And it's the biggest tree I've ever seen.  Other than the tree you've got Saks Fifth Ave with its story of the yeti display that has a different scene in each window and silvery trees dangling from the ceiling on the inside.  Then there's Bloomingdale's with Christmas lights covering the whole building making it impossible to miss (as if it wasn't already),  the classic stacked, red ornaments outside of the Radio City Music Hall, and the awesome light display glowing from the windows in Grand Central.  Magical right?  That's sure what it looks like from the pictures, but secretly this whole time it was ten thousand degrees below zero and the wind was whipping snow into our faces and I was almost positive that I had lost all outer extremities to frost bite.  But there was a (Christmas) light at the end of the tunnel.  We just popped on in to the Plaza Hotel and got a cup of hot chocolate.  It was the perfect thing to help us muster up the courage to go back out into the storm and walk to five blocks to the subway.  In all honesty though it was an awesome day and I am so grateful to live in this beautiful city especially around the holidays.  

 Happy Holidays!!


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