Wednesday, October 16, 2013


October is my absolute favorite month out of the year.  Here's why.  The leaves start changing, you can wear grungy, oversized clothes and not be chastised, you get all the candy you could ever want and more in a single night, anything pumpkin flavored you'd like, they have it, and we celebrate the day of my birth.  What's not to love about October really?

Being a nanny, you've got to be at the top of your game during any holiday to make it extra fun for your kids.  And also prove that you're better than all the other nannies.  But let's be honest.. I don't have a creative bone in my body.  So naturally I'm thinking carve pumpkins, do something crafty with leaves, and maybe go to a corn maze or something.  Sounds like classic, seasonal activities for fall right?  Wrong.  I bring up these ideas to my kids and they say "What about apple picking?!"  like I'm the biggest idiot for not suggesting that in the first place.  I'm sorry I'm not practically perfect in every way children.  I'll try harder next time.  I didn't know that apple picking was a thing here.  You don't really think of upstate New York with it's fields and orchards when you live so close to the city.  So when I asked my kids if they would like to go apple picking one day and they said they were already going with their mom, I decided I was going to take a trip of my own.

We got a group of friends and road tripped it out to the middle of nowhere.  It was definitely worth the drive.  The orchard stretched on forever and it was surrounded by these beautiful fields.  I didn't realize how much I missed the country.

Once we got there, we had some struggles.  We practically starved to death waiting in the mile long line for apple cider donuts, I had quite the experience with a port o potty tipping this way and that while trying to do my thing, and I pulled a Hulk and ripped my shirt while reaching my arms up to climb a tree.  It was struggle city.  But amid the pain and affliction, we were able to look past it and have a great time.


 This picture just goes to show that life is like picking a good apple instead of the bad.  When the good is in your hand, you will be of high spirits.
Feel free to quote me in any papers or books you may be writing.


Friday, October 11, 2013


This summer was a doozy.  Every weekend we would just get in the car and drive to some foreign (to us) place.  I fell in love with city after city, tried amazing foods, and took some freaking awesome pictures.  I miss it all.  So instead of doing a post for every adventure I've had in the past 5 months, I decided to just do one with all of my favorite pictures from my travels thus far.  A montage if you will.  

Mamaroneck Main St
View from the Shmorgasburg in Brooklyn.  Food vendors with cuisine from all over the world gather to make one giant bunch of tents with the most amazing food you will ever eat.  Including, watermelon jalepeno lemonade, truffle fries, and lamb pot stickers.  Food coma to say the least.

One of the incredible murals in Brooklyn.

Atop the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building haze.

A Pond in The Hamptons

Montauk Beach Friend

At the very northern tip of Long Island, there is a town called Montauk.  It has the very first lighthouse to ever be built in the state of New York.  And it is beautiful.

Montauk Light House

Whimsical Me

NYC Surrogate Court

Artist Showcase in SoHo

Beautiful Boston

Boston Harbor

Boston Cemetery

Boston Cemetery

New York City Skyline
Mamaroneck Harbor Crabbies

The Most Beautiful Sunset I have ever seen.  

Cooper's Beach in Southampton, NY

 This is my summer in a nutshell.  So incredibly blessed to live where I do and be able to explore.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This past weekend my friend Sarah and I went into the city and decided we wanted to go on a sunset ferry ride.  Romantic right?  We started out on the Hudson River and circled around the bottom half of Manhattan toward the east side.  If you are ever in NYC, I would definitely recommend going on this tour.  It's so incredibly beautiful and you learn so many things!  At one point we were right by the statue of liberty and all heck broke loose while people were scrambling to take pictures (including us) because you really can't pass a photo op like that up.  If that wasn't my favorite part, I would have to say it was going past Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is one of my favorite places because it is the artsy, hipster district.  So naturally, it reminds me of my hometown in Utah.  Minus the ghetto feel.  Anyways, seeing it from the river was so amazing.  All of the buildings, architecture and artwork that you could see made it look even more beautiful and unique.  Plus the sun was setting and all of the city lights were starting to come on.  It's something you just have to see for yourself.  I learned so many cool things and left feeling so inspired.  The tour guide kept saying "You see all these buildings?  The people that made this were just like you.  They had a dream, and they accomplished it.".  New York was built by a bunch of dreamers.  I love that.  

Statue of Liberty

 Brooklyn Bridge
 Manhattan Skyline
 Empire State Building

I truly do love New York.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I never thought that I would get a blog in a million years.  My life was sub par on the entertainment scale.  So why in the heck would I share it with the world?  But recently, I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to move to New York of all places to be a nanny.  I have already been on so many amazing trips to places I never thought I would see and met the most incredible people along the way.  I am so grateful to be here and for all of the adventures I have already had, and those that are yet to come.  My philosophy since I've been out here is to "bloom where I am planted".  No matter what state I am in, whether physical, emotional, or geographical, I want to make the most of it.  YOLO right?  I'm going to take advantage of all of the beauty, excitement, and knowledge this world has to offer.  So just watch me.