Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Remember my last post about the luckiest day ever thanks to the m&m omen?  The m&m omen strikes again.  It all started Friday night..

After a marvelous dinner of pizza and wings, topped off with a hot fudge and Reese's sundae, we drove into the city around midnight to begin our adventure.  My friends convinced me to park in a spot that was much too close to a fire hydrant, then we went to begin our wait.  What were we waiting for in the middle of the night?  To try to get tickets to Saturday Night Live.  Was it actually going to happen?  Probably not, but we were more than willing to sit on a curb for seven hours in the 25 degree weather through the night to get a stand by ticket.  The stand by ticket only gave you a "maybe you'll get in if a lot of people don't show up that already have tickets".  We're fighters though.  We were going to give it all we had to see Melissa McCarthy host with Imagine Dragons as the performance.  So we waited.  The McDonald's down the street was the most welcoming thing in the world when we were suffering of hypothermia or our bladders were going to burst.  At seven in the morning they finally came out and started giving out tickets.  Emotions were running high after a cold night with no sleep.  We just wanted the dang tickets.  Now.  So naturally we were the last in the huge line to get them but we also saw the actor Terry Crews.  That was cool.  Stumbling (of frozen feet and sleep deprivation) back to the car around 8, lo and behold there is a ticket on my windshield.  $115 dollars thank you very much.  For parking too close to the fire hydrant!  Take that friends who told me otherwise.  You all suck.

You're probably thinking "what is lucky about any of that?" and the answer is nothing.  The luck started later that night.  After a drunken stupor of a day, we were catching a train back into the city to go stand in line.  Waiting at the extra busy train station (thank you Super Bowl), my peripheral vision just happened to catch a little something in the vending machine.  What was it?  A bag of freaking pretzel m&m's!!!  Guys this omen is a real thing.  I'm telling you.  Sarah and I kind of freaked when we saw it, because we knew we were going to get into SNL because of it.  So we ran to Rockafeller and into NBC studios to wait in line.  We had to show our tickets and ID and guess who lost their ID?  That's right, this girl right here.  I wanted to cry.  I had nothing on me to prove my age and I was trying everything I could.  Then one of the girls said just show me your Facebook profile.  So I got on and thank the heavens above we had the same birthday and she thought it was cool so they let me in! I just had to keep on the down low.  I guess I just blew that by posting it on the internet.  We waited in the line and watched as the actual ticket holders went into the studio.  I was about peeing my pants.  I was so hopeful but honestly didn't think we would get in.  They called a group from our line and let them in.  Then they called us.  We saw Quest Love from Jimmy Fallon walk by.  They said it wasn't a guarantee until we were in a seat.  We went through security and up the elevator.. Still not in for sure.  Down the hall... then we were in the studio.  In the very last seats.  All of us.  I died.

SNL definitely has the title of coolest experience in New York thus far.  It was so cool to go to the rehearsal rather than the live one because it was about 2 1/2 hours long and had so many more sketches and funny things.  It was Seth Meyers last time on the show before he takes over for Jimmy Fallon on Late Night so he was just laughing and being hilarious.  Then on weekend update they are saying goodbye to him and who comes out on stage as a surprise?  Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, and Stefan (Bill Hader)!!  I teared up a little I was freaking out so much!  Then Imagine Dragons performed and Kendrick Lamar just happened to  appear on stage.  It was magical.  At the end of the show when they were signing off, we stood up and cheered and Amy and Andy pointed up at us and were laughing and copying us.  I'm positive they loved us.  It was such a funny show and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

I love city adventures!


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