Friday, October 11, 2013


This summer was a doozy.  Every weekend we would just get in the car and drive to some foreign (to us) place.  I fell in love with city after city, tried amazing foods, and took some freaking awesome pictures.  I miss it all.  So instead of doing a post for every adventure I've had in the past 5 months, I decided to just do one with all of my favorite pictures from my travels thus far.  A montage if you will.  

Mamaroneck Main St
View from the Shmorgasburg in Brooklyn.  Food vendors with cuisine from all over the world gather to make one giant bunch of tents with the most amazing food you will ever eat.  Including, watermelon jalepeno lemonade, truffle fries, and lamb pot stickers.  Food coma to say the least.

One of the incredible murals in Brooklyn.

Atop the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building haze.

A Pond in The Hamptons

Montauk Beach Friend

At the very northern tip of Long Island, there is a town called Montauk.  It has the very first lighthouse to ever be built in the state of New York.  And it is beautiful.

Montauk Light House

Whimsical Me

NYC Surrogate Court

Artist Showcase in SoHo

Beautiful Boston

Boston Harbor

Boston Cemetery

Boston Cemetery

New York City Skyline
Mamaroneck Harbor Crabbies

The Most Beautiful Sunset I have ever seen.  

Cooper's Beach in Southampton, NY

 This is my summer in a nutshell.  So incredibly blessed to live where I do and be able to explore.


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