Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This past weekend my friend Sarah and I went into the city and decided we wanted to go on a sunset ferry ride.  Romantic right?  We started out on the Hudson River and circled around the bottom half of Manhattan toward the east side.  If you are ever in NYC, I would definitely recommend going on this tour.  It's so incredibly beautiful and you learn so many things!  At one point we were right by the statue of liberty and all heck broke loose while people were scrambling to take pictures (including us) because you really can't pass a photo op like that up.  If that wasn't my favorite part, I would have to say it was going past Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is one of my favorite places because it is the artsy, hipster district.  So naturally, it reminds me of my hometown in Utah.  Minus the ghetto feel.  Anyways, seeing it from the river was so amazing.  All of the buildings, architecture and artwork that you could see made it look even more beautiful and unique.  Plus the sun was setting and all of the city lights were starting to come on.  It's something you just have to see for yourself.  I learned so many cool things and left feeling so inspired.  The tour guide kept saying "You see all these buildings?  The people that made this were just like you.  They had a dream, and they accomplished it.".  New York was built by a bunch of dreamers.  I love that.  

Statue of Liberty

 Brooklyn Bridge
 Manhattan Skyline
 Empire State Building

I truly do love New York.


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